owner own‧er [ˈəʊnə ǁ ˈoʊnər] noun [countable]
1. a person or organization that owns something:

• Legally, the buyer becomes the owner at the instant the contract is made.

• The bank's new fixed-rate mortgage is proving popular with home owners.

owner of

• The publisher is the owner of the trademark `Oxford'.

ˌbeneficial ˈowner
1. LAW PROPERTY the person or organization that has the advantages of ownership of a property
2. LAW FINANCE the real owner of an investment, rather than an organization holding the investment for them:

• The law now says that the beneficial owner of deposits must be identified; a Panama company name will not do.

ˌpart ˈowner COMMERCE
a person or organization that owns part of something, at the same time as one or more other owners:

• He is part-owner of the world's largest chain of airport shops.

ˈprocess ˌowner HUMAN RESOURCES
the person who is responsible for all aspects of a business process, for developing it and making sure that it works well :

• The process owner has total and absolute control over how the work is done.

2. at (the) owner's risk if something is bought or taken somewhere at the owner's risk, the owner, not the person selling it or taking it, is responsible if it is damaged or lost:

• Luggage is carried at the owner's risk.

* * *

owner UK US /əʊnər/ noun [C]
a person or organization that owns something: the owner of sth »

He is the owner of a chain of hotels.

business/home/car owner »

Most business owners will find the help of a financial adviser invaluable.

new/present/former owner »

The group's former owner made $1.35 billion from the sale.


the joint/majority/sole owner


The land is now in the hands of a private owner.

See also BENEFICIAL OWNER(Cf. ↑beneficial owner), PART OWNER(Cf. ↑part owner), PROCESS OWNER(Cf. ↑process owner)

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